The Filter of Filters.

Tom Morgan
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The Best Content Curators on the Internet

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“I am not Einstein. But I have an advantage- I can read Einstein”.

I love reading, but we have far too much information and far too little time. Information consumes our attention and thus information consumes our life. Enthusiastic Futurist Kevin Kelly coined the term filter-of-filters to determine what we need now to navigate information superabundance.

Here are some filters, curators and authors to follow, as well as some of my all-time favourite articles. Some of these will be familiar, some will be controversial. And a great many of them I disagree with in some way, but that’s exactly the point.

In my spare time I try and put these ideas together into articles, and they can be found here on Medium.

[I plan to keep this list updated as and when I find more sources. Please feel free to suggest curators and writers !]

Article Aggregators + Thoughtful Content Curators.

The Browser. The best filter on the internet and the best value paywall. An expertly-curated email with the best 5 articles from the 600–700 they read every single day. Some favourites:

Brain Pickings- Maria Popova. A wonderful site with a mix of spirituality and philosophy.

Five Books. The best 5 books on a given topic, as explained by an expert in that field.

Damn Interesting: Greatest Hits. Exactly what it says it is- articles that are mostly crazy historical non-fiction.

  • The Zero Armed Bandit. My favourite article, and one of the best ever. ‘The story of a treacherous contraption that appeared mysteriously in a Lake Tahoe casino.’
  • White Death. How a lone Finnish sniper accumulated 505 kills during WW2.
  • Ten Minutes in Lituya Bay. The story of an Alaskan tsunami higher than One World Trade in 1954. conversations by year. Mostly science & technology focused. Their annual question books are wonderful.

Farnham Street. Articles and Podcasts. Fairly well known but still excellent site and podcast on ‘mastering the best of what other people have already figured out.

On Being. Soothingly calm and spiritual podcasts and essays for chaotic times.

Interesting Writers To Follow.

Paul Graham. Collected essays.

Scott Alexander. Slate Star Codex. His top articles via the wayback machine. [Often controversial] musings of a rationalist polymath psychiatrist.

Charles Eisenstein. A spiritual philosopher with a gift for taking alternative perspectives.

David Fuller & Alexander Beiner. Rebel Wisdom. Interesting meta-analysis of sense-making and spirituality.

Tim Urban. Wait But Why. (Very) longform examinations of interesting topics.

Derek Thompson. The Atlantic. I’m largely trying to stay away from ephemeral current affairs, but Derek’s work is far superior to most content out there.

Matt Levine. Bloomberg. The best writer in finance, with the best daily email. On his day the best writer anywhere.

David Perell. Here’s a mix of his own writing and favourite links/articles.

Crowdsourced Books and Articles

Goodreads’ Best Rated Books of All Time. Quite the eclectic list.

Pocket App’s most viewed articles monthly. What other people are saving in the article-storing app.

Blinkist’s Non-Fiction book list. The 15-minute summary app shares their most popular books.

Tim Ferriss- Tools of Titans: mega-book list from all 120 contributors. Even though his more aggressive life-hacking days now seem to be behind him, aggregating the wisdom of 120 varied and successful people was a fascinating exercise. The Tao Te Ching and Atlas Shrugged were the 2 most popular books. Quite the contrast.

Finally- assorted articles I have loved.

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